Alpaca & Muscovy

Helen Kendall Smith

yet more weaning at Kensmyth Alpaca, Clay Meadow

well, as went through who had to be WEANED from the different herd groups and when, we discussed many things and one of them was of how someone had said (apparently) that I bred miniature ponies.

I did laugh at the time because our British Spotted Ponies although ponies are definitely not Miniatures! Anyway as we moved from group to group ( I soooo hate weaning as a Mum it goes right through me to take cria from their Mothers no matter how old, big or heavy in weight they are) we discussed the virtues of the Colt born to Kensmyth this year who is really rather stunning.

Those in the know (Alpaca Breeders) know it takes ages to separate the right groups and we wean by sex with a mind to colour (most don’t know Alpaca are colour prejudice which means if you put 2 white cria with a dark colour they will bully it and vice versa) so it took a while. Big chunky monkey cria all been on hard food for months!

By the end of it we had decided on many things, including the colt and I wonder if you can work out what the most recent cherished gift addition to Kensmyth Equines was LOL???

A cold and frosty morning at Kensmyth Alpaca, Clay Meadow

I have been reading some hilarious blogs on the way some folk “keep” their Alpaca… sorry but I am going to say what I think on my own Blog page, it is my opinion after all, but here at Kensmyth, they are “kept” naturally – that means as free as possible and as close to their origins…

in cold weather (not wet and cold) they love being outside, it is what their fleeces are for after all…

      how stunning is that

Happy New Year 2019 to all from Kensmyth Alpaca, Clay Meadow

It has been a challenging year in 2018 for us here at Kensmyth Alpaca.

We have had some real tragedies with:

  • the loss of one of my (human) best friends in a Car Accident,
  • the loss of a favourite Alpaca to Uterine Torsion pregnant with a female cria 2 weeks before birthing,
  • my Fathers continuing ill health,
  • one of our close family diagnosed with a permanent life threatening illness
  • I was kicked chipping an ankle bone and requiring stitches (thanks Kirstie for helping me out) – funny how I never heard back once as to how I was from the Colts owner – which left me scarred for life with a wedge chunked out of the back of my ankle and a permanent limp,

  • an idiot (sorry but you were) reversed into my car on Christmas Eve

BUT  I am a positive person and we also have had:

phenomenal success with our Alpaca breeding colours and fantastic cria fleeces



wonderful returning and new clients and new friends made every time someone visited


Passed our Licencing (3 councils) for breeding with flying colours and great compliments in early November

safe (eventually) foaling of a colt and filly at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow for the first time


the assured pregnancy for 2019 of our beloved Draught mare at a mere 17.1hh (nearly 17.2 LOL


we have enjoyed good times, bad times, cried, laughed and at all times kept a sense of humour in farming…





so from all at Kensmyth, as it is now New Years Eve, all that remains is to say to everyone…

Happy New Year 2019 – we hope to see you soon and that it brings you all health, happiness and friendship



Christmas Pressies learning curve at Kensmyth Alpaca, Clay Meadow

I am lucky to have had some fantastic gifts from Clients, family and friends so please take this as an opportunity for me to thank you all again!

I think each day of how blessed I am with such a great smorgasboard of friends from all walks of life and of all ages – long may it last.

I always like gifts that give me the opportunity to learn more “of my trade” so to speak so an extra thank you to the provider of these invaluable books –

and for my hubby taking me out to The Greyhound at Siddington for a Goat Curry as a treat from all my cooking…

ripping time at Kensmyth Alpaca, Clay Meadow

well we have been crazy busy in the past week as expected and Ollie has the supreme accolade of being measured in now at 6ft 5 inches tall so the tallest of the three boys now – well done Ollie but please stop growing!

Talking about growing – the youngest of the Draughts is going through a ripping time with her rugs as she learns her own size – look out Mum these are headed your way for mending soon!


yup – she was lucky with that one

AND if you think a HAYBAR is a good idea for a Draught Horse at 17.2hh – guess again…


nope – they should not look like that LOL lucky I have a Mr Fix it Husband!!

Kensmyth is beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

This year we have donated money to Charity rather than send Christmas Cards en masse. However, for all our friends, clients, family and everyone we wish the very best of the Season to all of you… it is finally beginning to look a little bit like Christmas is here at Kensmyth too… see for yourself…



the decorations are hand crafted and purchased from Cirencester Market – marvellous are they not?

Peace on Earth and Goodwill to all  –